Why We Add Milk or Creamer to Our Coffee

In today’s world, most people can’t go on a day without something to shake them awake. Most turn to coffee as the source of their boost at the start of the day or at the start of their work. Each and every coffee drinker has their own cup of joe preferences, which they try to make sure to take them so that they could start the day right.

Since people have different preferences in their favorite cup of joe, it all ends in two distinct coffee type, black or white. Usually, people opt for a white coffee so that they could easily drink them. For those who prefer a sudden jolt and prefer the bitterness of coffee, black coffee is their go-to coffee type.

But what exactly is the importance of adding milk to our organic coffee?

Makes Your Organic Cup of Coffee Taste Better

Coffee is bitter. Without other ingredients such as milk or sugar, it will remain bitter. Most people cannot handle the bitterness of coffee so they result in adding milk or sugar into it to make the taste more bearable. Adding milk to a coffee drink helps hide the bitterness and improves its overall texture.

Lessen Organic Coffee’s Acidity

Even organic coffee is, without a doubt, an acidic drink. Acidity is described as the range of flavors found in coffee, specifically, the acids found inside the coffee beans. During the process of roasting the coffee beans, the acids present in them changes. Some of them decrease their acidity level while some increases. Roasting is a process that brings out the natural acids found in coffee.

Milk helps lessen the acidity of coffee. It makes the coffee taste less acidic when consumed. Like what has mentioned above, people have different preferences. Some prefer to want their coffee to be bitter, retaining the natural acids found in the coffee they used.

Milk Prevents Oesophageal Cancer

Oesophageal Cancer is cancer of the oesophagus or gullet. The oesophagus is responsible for bringing the food down from the mouth to the stomach. By drinking very hot coffee, there’s an increased chance of acquiring this type of cancer. Thermal burns happen when we consume very hot beverages. Not only does it scald our taste buds but it also burns the oesophagus. By adding milk in your coffee makes the drink cooler than its initial temperature. Milk helps prevent Oesophageal cancer while at the same time, avoids your taste buds being burned.

Lessens Insomnia at Night

If you’re the type of person who likes drinking coffee at night but dislikes interrupting your sleeping patterns, avoid drinking black coffee. Black coffee will make your senses alert, keeping awake at night.

Some people drink milk before going to bed. You can do the same if you’re a coffee fanatic. Experts don’t recommend drinking coffee at night if you plan on sleeping early but between black coffee and milk coffee, a safer option would be milk coffee.

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