Do you love making food? Why not create your own food blog?

Food is one of our greatest sources of enjoyment, not just a necessity. In Western Africa, it is often said, if you want to win a man’s heart, give him good food, he will never leave you; I believe it is true for both man and woman.

I still remember where I had my most delicious meals, how it was served and who I shared the table with; I simply hold the moment with honor -that makes me a gourmet right? Maybe, but my culinary skills aren’t so great.

Fellow gastronome, let’s talk about your culinary skills.  If cooking is second nature to you, something you simply can do without, then you need to stay on this page.

What if I told you your ardent interest in food can earn you money? yes, if you create a recipe blog. Your love for food must not be restricted to the kitchen, the world must see it; this is why you need to start a food blog.

Blogging has been a growing market over the last decade. The world is becoming more and more digitalized with a growing number of people online.

At the beginning of this month, Statista revealed almost 4.2 billion active social media users with, 3.4 billion of them owning a social media account and over 11 billion devices connected to the internet with the prediction to be 80 billion devices in 2025 –just 7 years away. That is simply mind-boggling if you ask me. My aim is not to bore you with statistics, in case you are already wondering how the stats affect you. The aim is to let you see the enormous prospect of the internet, where customers just click away.

There is probably someone you know already blogging, but you won’t be doing the same just because of that. You have a skill the world wants to see, your cooking skills. If you want to increase your earning, which I am sure you want because we all do, nothing come as easy as earning from your hobby which makes food blogging the right step for you.

Let’s go into the details of food blogging, you can choose to open a blog on any of the following.

Food recipes

If you are the type, that enjoys identifying different recipes and trying them out, then you might want to open a blog on just recipes. Tones of people out there want to know the right mix of ingredients to achieve a balanced flavor and taste, those are your audience.

Food review

Well, there are foodies who enjoy reviewing food from one restaurant to the other. Just in case, you are not the cooking type, but delight great joy in trying out different meals, you can create a niche for yourself reviewing foods.

Aesthetics concern

I haven’t said before now that I am married to a foodie. Yes, you heard right and she is working on her blog already. Noticed I just bring it up? It is because she is the aesthetics type. How the food is served and how appealing it looks is what catches her fancy most. You can decide to write on food styling too, topping it up with food photography.

Above all, all of these elements are overlapping and you can write on all of them. The division is arbitrarily and most foodies actually enjoy doing at least two of the aforementioned.

Having seen different types of food blogging, we should see some of its benefits.

Reward for Knowledge

You possess detailed knowledge of food making, there are people who wish to know what you already know.  Meet their demand by simply writing on your blog, it is that simple. The truth is, even if you don’t have a blog, you share this knowledge every day, be it on your status or in real life, so while not make the best of it.

Share your experience

Everyone knows there are bad days in the kitchen, occasional salted or burnt food. People want to know how you dealt with it. We all love sharing experience, you get to share with more people.

Gain influence

It is a known fact that a large number of successful bloggers started off as a hobby. So, if you are not ready to monetize your blog yet, still open one, at least you will gain influence.  Blogging earns you respect from your blog visitors. It connects you to other bloggers and your visitors as well.

You are your own boss

Even if you decided to start food blogging just as your hobby with no intention to monetize, believe me, you will still come to earn from it. The early bloggers were only doing so as a hobby, thousands of whom are the crème de la crème of blogging world now. Once you start earning, nobody pushes you around, you are your own boss and nothing beat that.

More Travels for you

From what has been noticed about food bloggers, sooner than later they start getting invitations from hotels and restaurants.  They want you to write about them on your blog and review their service. Once your trust is earned, the door is flung open for you.

There you have it. Remember that the next best thing to eating food is talking about food. Take your hobby a little bit further, open a food blog, start talking about food and earn cool cash.