Exotic Sea Food – Crab Cakes

If you are a seafood lover, then palatable dishes like baked stuffed clam, crab cakes accompanied by coconut cooler is sure to delight you. These delectable delicacies will definitely add an extra edge to your candlelight dinner on a virgin beach.

Clams are the favorite of many foodies. They stand high in nutrition value and can be served in myriad forms. Seafood available in different flavors, texture is highly preferred by the seafood enthusiasts. They can be prepared in a number of ways by using different spices. The aroma of spices enhances the taste by manifolds.

Clams can be used to prepare clam soup of different types. Thick clam soup prepared with tomato puree is known as Manhattan clam chowder, which is immensely popular in New England. A raw slice of clam wrapped along with other dried seafood is known as sushi. It can be served with chunks of boiled rice. You can even serve raw clam, small in size, in a hard opened shell. Steamed clams dipped in hot melted butter is also a hot favorite of some seafood lovers.

If you wish to make the continental clam preparation you can very well add herbs like basil, and oregano. If you chop fresh parsley leaves and add it to the clam dish, it will give the preparation rich aromatic flavor. Seasoning completely depends on your taste. Clams can be breaded to prepare calm balls. Tartare sauce complements clam balls the best.

Medium sized clams are popularly known as cherrystones and are considered to be wonderful appetizer when served with cocktail sauce. You can use clam mince to prepare cakes, which can be baked or shallow fried. It tastes great when served with sauce and green salad. Stuffed clam is also very tasty. Slit the medium-sized clam adds stuffing of your choice and bake it .You can prepare vegetable stuffing, Cheese and corn stuffing, or cottage cheese stuffing. Serve hot baked stuffed clams with fresh cream or mayonnaise.

Crab is among the most preferred sea foods. You can use crab meat to prepare crab cakes. To make crab cakes you need bread crumbs, milk, eggs, onions, green chilies, and mayonnaise, red pepper. For preparing crab cakes you need fresh crab meat. You can bake them in a microwave or you can shallow fry them. Those who wish to deep fry these cakes can do so. You can serve them with sauce or fresh creamy salad.

Crab Cakes can be classified into two categories.

  • Jumbo Lump Crab can be cut into pieces to prepare jumbo lump crab cakes.
  • Backfin Crab Cakes are made of unpasteurized crab. The fresh crab has to be cut into small pieces for this purpose.