A Guide to Buying Frozen Fish and Seafood Online


Buying frozen fish online! Well, who’d have thunk it possible?

Well, it’s more than possible, it’s here and it’s providing a fabulous opportunity for us non-coastal dwellers to imbibe in our favourite seafood. There’s nothing better than freshly frozen fish, it’s fabulously fantastic!

A diet that includes a high concentration of seafood is a good, healthy diet. Ask any one hundred and fifty year old Japanese pensioner!

You could always catch a fish on line and now, you can buy a fish online!

OK, back to reality; there are a few questions that need answers:

Frozen seafood through the post! What could possibly go wrong?

Unless there’s an extended postal and delivery strike, then, very little can go wrong. Modern packaging and insulation will keep that which has been frozen, frozen, safely for vastly extended periods.

Which online company should I choose?

  1. First off, a company with excellent testimonials, they don’t have to be large; and a sound ethical track record.

Search the net, you’ll find fish there for sure. Locate a recommended company that offers a wide range of delicious fish; a company that can verify they were frozen within a few hours of being caught. Many catches are now quick frozen at sea within a very short time of being landed.

For a really good example of an established and helpful online company check out Seafresh www.seafreshuk.com Or, give them a ring, their helpline service is second to none.

An established online company will have an impressive line-up of who’s who in the seafood world. Celebrity fish guests such as cod, haddock, hake and, introducing, evermore popular species such as Cornish sardines, monkfish and squid.

Lobster, prawn, king prawn, garlic prawn, chilli mango prawn etc. etc. also feature in the undercard of this blockbuster presentation.

  1. Choose a company with an informative, interactive site. A company that offers tempting choices and alternative options.

The popularity of the traditional great British fish and chips is, I’m told, in decline. We live in an ever more integrated society (don’t listen to the news). Tastes have changed, we’re much more adventurous now.

Check out Seafresh www.seafreshuk.com and try something new!

  1. Choose a company that is accommodating.

By that I mean, a company that will mix and match your order; a company that’s flexible, a company that’ll deliver exactly what you want! That could be a modest order or a wholesale box of fish for restaurants, fish freaks and hundred and fifty year old Japanese pensioners.

Furthermore, ensure that your fish comes properly prepared i.e. fileted, cut and well packed.

In conclusion

Buying frozen fish and seafood online has become a no-brainer; loads of choice, fast next day delivery to your door; no hassle, no travelling, little preparation and a huge variety of gastronomically delightful, healthy, seafood for the whole family to enjoy.

For the very best choices and service visit Seafresh, at www.seafreshuk.com, this could be the start of something good!