How to Clean and Cook the Delicious West Australian Octopus?

In different parts of the world, we find different food delicacies that represent the diversity of human food habit and culture. When it comes to diversity, we should take the seafood into consideration. This is such an area of cookery where diversity in food habits has mostly been noted.

Octopus has been served as seafood in various parts of the world. In fact, the West Australian octopus is world famous for its deliciousness. To enjoy this delicacy, you need to master two things. The first thing is to know different recipes to cook octopus. The second thing is to learn processing, like cutting and cleaning the octopus. In the following section, we shall note the simplest way of cleaning the West Australian octopus.

How to Clean an Octopus?

In order to clean and then cut the octopus properly, you need to know the difference between fresh and frozen octopus at the first place. So, how to distinguish frozen and fresh octopus? Well, if you observe closely, you shall find that fresh octopus retains much whiter skin. It is to be noted that frozen octopus is mostly available in the marketplace.

There is a benefit of choosing frozen octopus. Basically, freezing helps tenderize the flesh of the octopus. As a result, it does not turn chewy after cooking. With fresh octopus, you always have the risk of making the thing chewy especially when you do not take careful measures during cooking.

When it comes to comparing frozen and fresh octopus on the basis of flavors as well as aroma, fresh octopus will definitely emerge as the winner for obvious reason. When you have purchased West Australian octopus from the market, you need to clean it first.

Now, frozen octopus does not need heavy cleaning, as they are already cleaned and then packaged. Fresh octopus contains residue and dirt at the tentacles. So, you need water to remove the dirt from these parts of octopus. After that, you should take a knife and remove the innards. Thereafter, you need to take off the eyes of the octopus.

Now, you shall be heading to a critical part and that is cleaning the head of the octopus. You need good amount of water to clean the head portion properly. It is to be reminded that proper cleaning is absolutely important to make the final result after cooking delicious as well as enjoyable.

You can find out more about this delicious Octopus by visiting – . The web Australian Octopus is sustainably caught in the pristine waters off the Abrolhos Islands and along the southern coast of WA. With a natural diet rich in shellfish, this unique species is prized for its superior taste and tender texture.

Cooking the Octopus

The cleaning process of West Australian octopus is not too difficult and it may take a few minutes only. When it is cleaned nicely, you need to get ready with your cooking ingredients. You need to make sure that octopus is not overcooked. If you cook it more than required, it will turn out chewy. Moreover, you should not cut the octopus into pieces before your cooking process begins. It is always advised that octopus should be cut into pieces only after it has been fully cooked. It helps retain the juices inside the flesh and the octopus does not become rubbery or chewy.