Lemon Drizzle Martini

This cheeky little number is the perfect cocktail for a hot summer evening – the lemon gives a great refreshing kick.


Instead of the classic salt on the rim, I’ve frosted it with lemon-infused sugar to echo that great crispy sugar glaze you get on the top of a good lemon drizzle cake and dressed it with a sugared lemon slice.


Note: egg white is the best way that I’ve found to frost the rim of a glass – it really makes the sugar stick. You only need a tiny amount, but if you don’t like the idea, you can use lemon juice instead – it’s just not quite as effective.




30ml limoncello


40ml vermouth


Plenty of ice


For the sugar/ lemon:


Caster sugar


One large lemon


A little raw egg white


Makes one cocktail, but with enough lemon sugar for several


  1. The lemon sugar is really simple to make, but it needs to infuse for a while, so do this step the day before. Simply cut the lemon in half and set one-half aside, then zest the other. Stir through about 5 tablespoonfuls of caster sugar. Cut the remaining half of the lemon into thin slices and lay in the sugar, turning to make sure the slices are thickly coated. Store the sugar and the lemon in an airtight container and leave overnight.


  1. Spread the prepared sugar out on a small plate in a nice thick layer. Wipe the rim of the martini glass with a little raw egg white (you really don’t need much), and then dunk it in the sugar, turning gently to make sure it’s well coated. You can leave it standing there while you mix the cocktail.


  1. Shake the limoncello and vermouth over plenty of ice, and strain into the prepared martini glass. Cut into the side of a lemon slice and slot it onto the rim for the finishing touch.


  1. It’s ready to be served or to have fun. You will really enjoy this lemonade homemade product.