So, There’s going to be an Event and You Want to Organise the Perfect Catering Experience, right?

Most of us have been to some type of event at some time in the past where we went somewhere for some special occasion, and have some great memories of not just what that occasion was about, but the delightful catering that was put on there.

It may have been with family and friends at a party for a wedding, birthday, reunion, anniversary or graduation. Or it may have been at a more formal type of event such as a business meeting, conference, exhibition, special work events, or some other occasions.

  • And while the reason for the event is usually remembered, so is the quality of the catering.

I bet anyone who is reading this right at this moment can bring to mind some occasion in the past where the catering service was exceptionally superb, and then you may also remember some which weren’t what you thought they would be, right? We all have had such things happen before, no matter where you live!

Getting to grips with the job in hand

And indeed, if this is actually going to be your very first time in taking care of the catering at an event, and you have absolutely no experience at all in such matters, try to understand one thing. Don’t panic! The actual planning of catering for a corporate event is not (in most cases) really that much different to the planning of any other kind of party.

  • With the easy use of good old fashioned common sense and a little added ingredient of logic, if you follow the proper steps, all types of corporate event planning can be handled without any hitches and most effectively for anyone attending.

Your first priority will be to choose a date which is fitting (weekend are usually a little bit more favoured than midweeks!) and location which is ideal for the event.

Think like a professional

As you are probably already well aware, you will have to look after things such as the food and beverages, entertainment and music, the amount of guests, and how to make people aware of its occurrence.

  1. As briefly mentioned above, the very first thing which you will have to do with regards to any corporate event planning, is to think over and then fix the date and in which venue you want it to take place. All depending on the sort of event or the theme, it may be possible to have it held outdoors or “alfresco” as it is called in the catering business. (This will depend on the season, of course).
  2. The next thing you will have to do to create the perfect memorable corporate event is to ensure that your food and beverage caterers are all properly booked and set up, well in advance of it happening. If wishing to make use of renowned professionals in the business, such as, (who are corporate catering experts), you will thus be ensuring that there will be no last minute mishaps occurring. (Heaven forbid!)
  3. When researching any catering professionals, simply go to their website and check out their credentials and testimonials. You can also try putting their name into a search engine and the word ‘reviews’ afterwards, to take a look at some independent things people have said about the catering firm.
  4. Make sure that they are able to provide you and your guests with a first class variety of top quality foods and drinks of which to choose from.
  5. The fifth piece of great advice for the more than perfect corporate event planning, is for you to arrange for some enjoyable local entertainment and great music which is appropriate for all guests at the event, and well in advance.
  6. This one can be a little sticky at times and you will have to be on the ball. This is because it is indeed true that the entertainment business does tend to get itself fully booked out during the times of the peak seasons. So, try consulting and getting everything organised at least somewhere between five to six months before you intend to have your event.

The numbers game – How many guests?

Working out the precise number of people who will be attending, when you are involved in planning a corporate event, is also going to be of great importance. Make a point of contacting all managers and let them know about the date or estimated date as soon as possible and hopefully well in advance.

If you do so, they can then start moving things forward by letting the employees know all about the event, and then go on to make an initial count.

  • After carrying out this part of the preparations, you can then write out the invitation and take time to determine exactly how all of the corporate invitations will be despatched and then tracked.
  • Yes, the ease of using god old email would seem like an extremely simple way of doing this, however, this method may not always be as trustworthy as you would like and perhaps not everyone will respond. (But turn up anyway!)

Making sure that everything goes as you hoped it would – just perfect!

It’s also going to be more than a good idea to ask all supervisors to help out with the head count to make sure that all guests will be perfectly catered for with the proper amount of service. Things such as enough space, (nobody wants to be sitting shoulder to shoulder!), great food, and beverages to enlighten your business event.

Remember to try spending some time on the internet (so easy these days) and do a little bit of research. This will at the end of the day, help to ensure that you do end up choosing the best in the catering trade!

And may your event turn out to be one which every attendee will remember and cherish!