Ordering Restaurant and Bar Equipment- What You Need to Know

Running a restaurant or a bar is not as easy as it looks. Restaurant owners have to devote all of their time and efforts to their place of business if they want to succeed. Competition in the hospitality industry is quite fierce, and even a seemingly insignificant slip-up can lead to negative reviews online. Customers expect value for the money they pay. If a customer is paying a premium for food, they will obviously expect premium service as well.

If you are setting up a restaurant or a bar, you will need to find a reputable supplier that can provide you with all the relevant equipment. Ordering from local shops is not a good option. As they operate in a narrow scope, local shops generally charge a much higher price and the quality of the products tends to be substandard. Instead, you should find a reputable equipment supplier that can deliver the products straight to your place of business.

You should start by checking out reviews of the company. This will give you an idea about what other restaurant owners have to say; especially with regards to the quality of their equipment. Since you will be ordering most of the equipment in bulk, it’s imperative that you find a supplier that offers trade discounts. You will end up saving a huge amount of money in the process.

Making a List

Before placing an order, it’s best to create a list of all the items you need. Compile a running tally of the cutlery and crockery items that you require. For instance, you will need common items such as forks, spoons, knives, plates of different sizes, napkins, disposable cups, etc. In order to create a comprehensive order list for your business, you must be well aware of what you’re missing as well as what you already have.

If a customer walks in and demands an order “to-go,” what will you do? Having disposable cups, containers, and plates on hand is always important. Many customers who are unable to finish their food will also ask you to pack up the leftovers so that they can take them home. You will need disposable coffee cups, closed-lid containers, and plates of varying sizes to suit your customer’s’ requirements. For instance, you can order disposable coffee cups from Pattersons, one of the most reputable suppliers in the UK. This company supplies an extensive range of restaurant and bar equipment to businesses all over the country. Make a whole list of items that you require before placing an order.


One of the most important things that you need to do when setting up your restaurant or bar is to focus on branding. If you can find a custom supplier, ask them if they can put your company’s logo on the plates, dishes, and the cutlery. This will paint your business in a more positive light, and allow you to grow your brand. It also shows that you pay a lot of attention to minute details, and customers will really appreciate it. It’s all about building your own brand in the hospitality industry. Once your business begins to grow, you can start looking towards expanding to other parts of the country!