The All-Time Soya Beans Recipes

Soya beans are delicious as well as the tasty vegetable that is used for making mouth-watering pulao, gravy, biscuit and much more. Soya recipe is good for your health as it contains protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is also packed with minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. As soya is essential for healthy living, you can include soya beans in your diet by trying the delicious soy recipes.

Channa soya Masala

Channa soya masala is the delicious food, and one cannot ignore it. The blend of soy and channa makes it delicious and tasty. The unbeatable flavour of the channa invites the vegetarians. The great combination of Kasuri methi and soy paste add more taste to the dish.

Soya Mutter pulao

Pulao is one of the most popular dishes that are being cooked in many parts of India. The blend of aromatic pulao and soya chicks induce the flavour of the dish. The addition of fresh vegetables to the pulao makes this dish as a healthy diet option.

Soya Mutter ki sabzi

Soya Mutter ki sabzi is made with the fresh flavour of green peas and soya bean nuggets. Soybean nugget is an easily digestible food, which is processed from the soya beans. Soybean nugget is packed with vitamin B12, protein, potassium and much more. This is one of the best meals for women, especially when they are pregnant

Baby corn stir fry

Stir- fries are excellent dishes when it comes to healthy diet. Soya nuggets can be added to the dish. Be it a soya nuggets or baby corn; cheese can be grated to it for the better taste. As soya nugget has low fat, you can include this meal once in a week.

Soya chaap

If you want to give your taste bud a different taste, then you can try out this soya chap recipe. It is made with fresh vegetables and masala. This delicious form of soya recipe is the all-time favourite for the vegetarian lovers. If you want the envy version of this recipe, then you can add some piece of chicken for the better taste. Check out on, how to make soya chaap from soy flour for more details.

Soya Vegetable Kurma

Soya vegetable kurma is the yummiest form of soya beans, which is cooked in delicious white gravy. This blend of fresh vegetables and soya forms a mouth-watering white gravy. Pure almond and cashew nuts in the gravy gives an awesome taste. This white gravy is accompanied with chappati, paratha, idly and much more. You can prepare this recipe for your children as they would just love it.

Malwani gravy

Malwani gravy is the exceptional form of soy that one cannot ignore it. This gravy has high calories as it is made with fresh vegetables and coconut oil. It is a fantastic recipe and is eaten along with bread like naan, rumali roti, and chappatis. The North Indians always consume chappati with this delicious Malwani gravy.

If you want to try any of the above recipes from the article especially the soya chap one, then you can check on how to make soya chaap at home to get more details.